Calcite Powder


General Product Information:

We have high quality chemicals with international quality and also have the ablity to deliver bulk quantity.Calcite is a carbonate of calcium (CaCO3) containing 56% CaO and 44% CO2. It is one of the important industrial minerals also known as 'CalcSpar'. Pure crystallized transparent variety of calcite is known as 'Iceland Spar', which is used as Nichol's prism in optical instruments using polarized light.Calcite is one of the important ingredients required in glass and ceramic industries for imparting glaze and also as flux. In pulverized form, it is used as a filler in rubber goods, textile and as an extender in paints and as a carrier in insecticidal *r uses are in the manufacture of mortar, cement, bleaching powder & preparation of flat lime, etc.


Industry:Abrasive Industry
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